Construction Case Studies

Are you in the construction industry? We have put together a selection of case studies from clients we have helped within the construction industry.



Debt: £52,000

Challenge: Our client carried out a residential building project for a private customer. Part way through the overall project, the customer reduced the scope of the project, due to a change in his circumstances. The final invoice was issued and the customer disputed the level of work carried out and balance due. No progress was made after several months and the matter was placed with us.

Solution: Following a review of the contract performance and terms agreed, we advised the client on the merits of the claim and realistic outcome. We entered into discussions with the debtor, who continued to dispute the debt and a counter claim made. Our client engaged our Escalate no cost litigation service.

Result: After several months of negotiations, alongside the litigation, a settlement was reached and £25,000 was paid to our client in settlement.

Steel Erection & Fabrication Case Study

Steel Erection & Fabrication

Debt: £2,530

Challenge: Our client supplied steel erection and fabrication services to the debtor company and were struggling to collect two unpaid invoices totalling £2,530. The time being spent chasing the debt was distracting the client from other projects and they passed the case to us. We attempted to contact the debtor, but no response was received.

Solution: We pursued recovery of the debt from 1st letter all the way through to High Court Enforcement, having successfully obtained judgement. When Enforcement Agents visited the debtor company’s trading address, they found the debtor company actively trading. Having ignored all of our correspondence, costs had been added to the debt and as a result the agents began taking control of goods. At this stage, the director paid in full.

Result: Payment in full, plus costs.

Construction Procurement, Commercial & Project Management - case study

Construction Procurement, Commercial & Project Management

Debt: £4,380

Challenge: Our client undertook project work on behalf of the debtor which remained unpaid for 6 months. Various requests and promises of payment were made but no monies received. A final demand letter was issued, then a spurious dispute was raised by the debtor.

Solution: Following various communications with the debtor, we established there was no valid dispute. The debtor promised payment by instalments but failed to do so. Court proceedings commenced and a County Court Judgement was obtained. Notice of Enforcement proceedings were issued and the debt was finally paid.

Result: £5,200 (payment in full plus costs)

Construction Industry Case Studies - Building Merchants

Building Merchants

Debt: £6,775

Challenge: The client was struggling to collect monies owing despite the debtor making various assurances that payment would be made. 

Solution: Following our initial communication, the debtor advised that the debtor company was going into liquidation. A demand was issued against the company for the full balance, plus costs. This was then served on the director of the company in accordance with his personal guarantee.

The director advised he was unable to pay and was considering personal insolvency. We engaged in dialogue with the director and his advisors to make sure our client’s debt was made a priority. We issued a CCJ against the director and subsequently, he made an offer to settle in full if the claim was withdrawn. 

Result: Payment in full plus costs.

restaurant with empty seats

Interior Design & Shopfitting Company

Debt: £13,000

Challenge: Our client was unable to collect monies owed to them by a contractor for 9 months. Their work was not in dispute, the contractor just wouldn’t pay.

Solution: On our client’s behalf, we obtained a County Court Judgement. We applied further pressure of enforcement/winding up petition.

Result: A payment plan over a short period was agreed and a total of £16,000 (including costs) was collected within 3 months.

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Electrical Contractor

Debt: £15,000

Challenge: Our client carried out electrical work on development property and was paid no monies for over 6 months.

Solution: The debtor would still not engage so we filed a winding up petition filed on behalf of our client.

Result: Payment was achieved in full, plus all costs.

Construction Industry Case Study - Concrete Materials Company

Concrete Materials Company

Debt: £13,000

Challenge: Monies were owed to our client for concrete they had provided, however, the debtor was refusing to settle due to a dispute.

Solution: We held negotiations with the debtor over a period of 2 months.

Result: Payment was achieved in full, plus £1,000 towards our client’s costs.

Construction Industry Case Studies - Waste & Plant Hire

Waste & Plant Hire Firm

Debt: £12,000

Challenge: The debtor, a building contractor, attempted to avoid payment through dissolution of their company.

Solution: We were successful in proving personal liability and a court order was awarded.

Result: We collected a total of £22,000 that included late payment fees, interest and costs.

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Flooring Contractor

Debt: £15,000

Challenge: Our client was unable to collect monies owed to them for several months. The debt related to a flooring contractor who had supplied labour and materials. The directors of the debtor company had previous history of liquidating companies.

Solution: The debtor initially ignored our attempts to have a meaningful dialogue and resolve the matter. Notice of court proceedings were issued. The debtor then made contact and this highlighted that cash flow issues prevented the settlement of the debt. A weekly instalment plan was agreed to repay the debt over 9 weeks. Due to late/missed payments, we issued notice of a Winding Up Petition. We then engaged with the debtor’s funder who agreed to make payments to us directly. 

Result: Debt collected in full, plus all costs and interest.

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