Construction Case Studies

Are you in the construction industry? We have put together a selection of case studies from clients we have helped within the construction industry.

Interior Design & Shopfitting Company

Debt: £13,000

Challenge: Our client was unable to collect monies owed to them by a contractor for 9 months. Their work was not in dispute, the contractor just wouldn’t pay.

Solution: On our client’s behalf, we obtained a County Court Judgement. We applied further pressure of enforcement/winding up petition.

Result: A payment plan over a short period was agreed and a total of £16,000 (including costs) was collected within 3 months.

Electrical Contractor

Debt: £15,000

Challenge: Our client carried out electrical work on development property and was paid no monies for over 6 months.

Solution: The debtor would still not engage so we filed a winding up petition filed on behalf of our client.

Result: Payment was achieved in full, plus all costs.

Concrete Materials Company

Debt: £13,000

Challenge: Monies were owed to our client for concrete they had provided, however, the debtor was refusing to settle due to a dispute.

Solution: We held negotiations with the debtor over a period of 2 months.

Result: Payment was achieved in full, plus £1,000 towards our client’s costs.

Waste & Plant Hire Firm

Debt: £12,000

Challenge: The debtor, a building contractor, attempted to avoid payment through dissolution of their company.

Solution: We were successful in proving personal liability and a court order was awarded.

Result: We collected a total of £22,000 that included late payment fees, interest and costs.

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