Our case studies

We work with a wide range of industries. Here are just a few examples of who we work with and how we have helped them.

Construction Case Studies

Building Work

Debt: £30,000

Result: £24,000 settlement reached.

Air-Conditioning Contractor

Debt: £3,150

Result: Recovered in full, plus interest.

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Electrical Contractor

Debt: £15,000

Result: Payment was achieved in full, plus all costs.

Professional & Financial Services Case Studies

Finance and Consultancy

Debt: £87,000

Result: Settlement of £97,000 received in March 2021.

Financial Services

Financial Services Industry

Debt: £65,000

Result: Within one month, an agreement was reached and the debtor settled the debt in full, plus interest.

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Solicitors Practice

Debt: £9,500

Result: Control of goods agreement put in place and both debts paid in full within 14 days.

Insolvency Practitioner Case Studies

Claims Against Directors

Debt: £200,000 (estimate)

Result: Settlement of £130,000 achieved resulting in a dividend to creditors.

Illegal Dividends

Debt: £90,000

Result: Payment of £80,000 was received in settlement of the overdrawn loan account and intercompany transfer.

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Overdrawn Directors Loan

Debt: £18,000

Result: A settlement of £38,000 was achieved within 2 months of our appointment.

Marketing & PR Case Studies

Marketing & PR - Marketing Agency

Marketing Agency

Debt: £60,000

Result: Full debt of £60,000 collected.

web design items including laptop, coding book and notepad

Web Design

Debt: £6,800

Result: Debt collected in full.

Marketing & PR - Copywriting

Copywriting Services

Debt: £4,500

Result: Debt collected in just 7 days.

Recruitment, Provision of Labour
and Contract Care Services Case Studies

Care Services

Debt: £380,000

Result: Settlement of £335,000 achieved and a delighted client.

Recruitment Care Industry

Recruitment (Care Industry)

Debt: £25,000

Result: Debtor paid the over 2 months to include all costs and interest. 

Recruitment Agency

Recruitment Agency

Debt: £5,500

Result: Following the filing of court papers, the debt was settled in full, plus costs.

Retail & Wholesale Case Studies

Fruit & Vegetable Wholesaler

Fruit & Vegetable Wholesaler

Debt: £110,000

Result:  Immediately prior to the final bankruptcy hearing, the debtor settled at £180,000 (including costs, plus interest).

Automotive Case Studies - Car Retailer

Car Retailer

Debt: £9,250

Result: Payment of the invoice was received in full.

Retail Industry Case Studies

Merchandising retailer

Debt: £1,933

Result: Payment in full plus costs, within 1 month of our instruction.

Engineering Case Studies

Automation for the Agricultural Industry

Automation for the Agricultural Industry

Debt: £77,000

Result: We secured a payment of £47,000, plus the part return of goods.

Insolvency Practitioner Case Studies - Printing Company


Debt: £36,000

Result: After several weeks of chasing, payment of £36,000 was received in full.

Case Study -Maintenance Company

Precision Engineering Services

Debt: £8,300

Result: £9,600 received within 14 days. Payment in full, plus costs and interest.

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