Marketing & PR Case Studies

Are you in marketing or PR? We have put together a selection of case studies from clients we have helped within the marketing and PR industries.

Marketing & PR - PR Agency

PR Agency

Debt: £23,500

Challenge: Monies were owed to our client by a relatively new start-up company for PR consultancy and support. Due to lower sales volumes than budgeted, the debtor cancelled their services within the minimum contract period. The debtor refused to pay for remaining contracted term.

Solution: We took our client through our Escalate service, a no cost dispute resolution process. Initially, the debtor did not engage with us, until notice of court proceedings were issued.

Result: We negotiated a settlement of £15,000.

Marketing & PR - Marketing Agency

Marketing Agency

Debt: £60,000

Challenge: Our client was unable to collect monies owed to them for 8 months. The debt related to a marketing company which incurred numerous third party costs.

Solution: We managed to engage the debtor in meaningful dialogue, which highlighted that cash flow issues prevented the settlement of the debt. Instigating court or insolvency proceedings were unlikely to see our client recover their monies. The debtor agreed to enter into an instalment arrangement, with an initial payment of £10,000 and the balance to be collected at £,1000 per week over 50 weeks.

Result: Full debt of £60,000 collected.

design software open on computer screen

Creative Design & Market Research Client

Debt: £50,000

Challenge: Monies owed to our client for 3 months following a dispute over the scope of work and a breakdown in relationship.

Solution: Initially, the debtor refused to settle any of the outstanding invoices. The case progressed through to letter before action before the debtor engaged with us. We proceeded to mediate and within 2 months, a settlement of £30,000 was agreed without the need for litigation.

Result: We collected a total of £30,000.

web design items including laptop, coding book and notepad

Web Design

Debt: £6,800

Challenge: Our client had not been paid for their web design and development work, over a period of 6 months. The debtor refused to engage with our client or provide reasons for non-payment.

Solution: Following our engagement, the debtor disputed the debt. However, despite our requests for details, this was not forthcoming. A letter before action was issued and court papers filed, this lead to us obtaining a County Court Judgement and commencing enforcement action.

Result: Debt collected in full.

Copywriting Services

Debt: £4,500

Challenge: Our client provided website copywriting services. The project was completed but the debtor then ignored various requests for payment. There was no dispute raised in relation to the work.

Solution: On instruction, we contacted the debtor by letter, email and telephone. The consequences of non-payment were made clear and details of the further costs that would be incurred were provided.

Result: Debt collected in just 7 days.

Marketing & PR - Copywriting

Lead Generation

Debt: £30,000

Challenge: Our client was based in Denmark and was owed £30,000 from a UK company in respect of 4 unpaid invoices for lead generation services. The client had attempted to collect the monies owing but having not been paid for over 9 months the debt was placed with My Debt Recovery.

Solution: Initially no engagement from the debtor. Letter before action issued and a response received from the debtor advising that they were prepared to pay the debt but needed time to make payment. My Debt Recovery negotiated a mutually acceptable payment plan for the debtor and the client and ensured that the debtor adhered to their commitments.

Result: £30,000 recovered for the client within 7 months of My Debt Recovery being engaged.

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