What are the Most Interesting Forms of Commercial Debt Recovery?

We’ve been inspired by a story that hit the news this week and we wanted to share some of the most interesting forms of commercial debt recovery that we’ve witnessed over the years. Although we’ll leave the judgement up to you…

Angry builder uses digger to destroy new apartment block after developer owes him £4.2m: (Article)

A dispute is said to have arisen between a developer and a builder, who was allegedly owed £4.2m for completing work on a brand new apartment block in Germany. The builder took it upon himself to ram his digger into the property, causing almost half a million pounds worth of damage and no closer to recovering the monies that were owed to him. The rampage only came to a halt after the digger had sustained too much damage to carry on… He obviously hadn’t heard about…

A digger driver who was jailed after destroying the entrance of a new hotel: (Article)

Mr Manley was owed £600 in unpaid wages and left “a trail of destruction” when he decided to ram a digger into the entrance of the brand new Travelodge hotel that he had been working on. He also caused almost half a million pounds worth of damage to the entrance and reception area of the hotel and received a prison sentence for over five years.

Builder destroys houses and causes damage of almost £1m: (Article)

Mr Neagu filmed himself destroying five brand new retirement homes with a digger when he was reportedly owed £16,000 by another building firm. The cost of the destruction totalled almost £1m and Mr Neagu was sentenced to four years in prison.

Digger driver flips car of debt collector: (Article)

A debt collector was left in shock after a debtor got into his digger and proceeded to flip the man’s car after a disagreement broke out between the parties who were present.

Gold Range Rover crushed by a digger over unpaid debt: (Article)

A gold Range Rover was collateral damage when it was crushed by a digger after the owner failed to repay their debts. The digger crushed the vehicle and dropped its bucket on the windscreen before proceeding to block the car in.

In our opinion, these are definitely NOT examples of the best forms of commercial debt recovery practice and if you’d like to collect monies owed to your business in a far more effective, amicable and efficient manner (minus the diggers) then My Debt Recovery can help.

We are an experienced team, made up of experts in our field. We take the pressure off you so that you can focus on running your business and leave us to do the leg work. We operate on a no collection, no fee basis and so you can rest assured that we will use all of the tools at our disposal to reach a positive resolution in a smooth and efficient manner. Our team is ready and waiting to help so drop us a line.

P.S none of us have our digger licences here so there will be no chaos and destruction when we’re involved – just lots of hard work and dedication.

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