Top tips on recovering your debts during the pandemic

The current pandemic is causing havoc amongst UK businesses, with many being forced to shut down and others scaling back considerably. Despite the Government stepping in to introduce various measures to minimise the impact of the coronavirus, there will be many businesses who will be facing financial hardship and possible closure.

We’ve recently been asked if it is appropriate for a business to continue to collect debts during this unprecedented time. Now, it is highly likely that some businesses will be unable to pay their debts in full at the moment but it is important to establish which businesses are facing genuine hardship and those who are using the current situation as an excuse for non-payment.

To help, we have put together some of our top tips on recovering your debts during the current pandemic:


We cannot stress this point enough. Communication is absolutely key and even more important than ever during this global crisis. Keeping the lines of communication open, can help to avoid disputes. Regular contact with your debtors can also help you to assess which ones are in financial distress and which ones are just simply refusing to pay.

Act Quickly

Most debtors will be happy to work with you to reach a solution that avoids legal action. However, sometimes a stronger approach is needed. If an invoice remains unpaid, you need to act quickly to establish what options are available to you. For example, you may agree a revised payment date or even offer a short repayment plan.

If you decide to seek professional advice regarding a difficult debtor, we would advise seeking that advice as early as possible.

Resolve disputes as soon as possible

As we mentioned above, open lines of communication with your debtor is key. By attempting to resolve disputes as soon as possible, you can save everyone both time and money. Resolving the dispute now, whilst the debtor still might have the reserves to pay you, is better than waiting months down the line, when their financial situation could have changed dramatically.


If you and your debtor cannot reach an agreement or you are unable to engage with them, it is worth obtaining professional advice. Here at My Debt Recovery, if we are unable to recover monies owed through negotiations, we will support our clients through the legal process.

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